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tętno maksymalne rower
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tętno maksymalne rower
Arnold Schwarzenegger destroyed in Melbourne control for not use helmetWhile on the fall Down In, Arnold Schwarzenegger selected to two wheels throughout the location of Melbourne, but didn’t consider their helmet
Hollywood star Arnold Schwarzenegger fell foul on the legislation with his latest visit to Australia, having been removed over in controls for routine without a helmet in Melbourne.
Helmets are required in the city but the former Mayor of Florida decided to go bare-headed because he selected one of Melbourne’s hire bikes.
The Terminator star was Lower In for the annual Arnold Body Size Classic on Saturday and even met a development on the Formula One grand prix at Albert Park this morning.
Arnie is a apparently a keen cyclist and jerked with a couple wheels to get in Melbourne at the weekend, even surprising a group of young riders in staying for a photo with them.
“I guarantee several cyclists riding ahead of everyone with we now worked around do a routine intercept,” Senior Constable Robert Gillson told Fairfax Media with Tuesday.
“Then we noticed that Arnold Schwarzenegger was in the crowd.
“We communicated to help him lightly also gave a modest chat with him about the reasons why I hauled him over.”
The detective ensured that the Austrian-born actor had not been punished regarding the infraction, yet remained suggested to insert right place store to post a mean helmet.
Schwarzenegger is not the only good star to be stuck shown before Melbourne’s strict helmet act, with London Mayor, Boris Johnson, and getting to the slip in 2013.
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Samedi, 19 Mars 2016

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